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Trending Accessories for fall/winter 2016.

BY:AMANDACLEMSON After keeping track of all the amazing shows that took place over fashion month for fall 2016, I have put together a couple of accessories that I think will be trending big time for the upcoming season.


Everyone knows an outfit isn’t the perfect outfit without the perfect bag. For fall 2016, the designers that presented in fashion week revealed all of their unique ideas for their own versions of the perfect bag.

Louis Vuitton took their signature “trunk” to a whole new level, turning it into a mini sized bag that you can wear over the shoulder or as a clutch in your hand.

louis-vuitton-autumn-fall-winter-2016-pfw11 hbz-pfw-2016-louis-vuitton-02-800x1200 Louis-Vuitton-2016-Fall-Winte-Runway29 Louis-Vuitton-2016-Fall-Winte-Runway09 Louis-Vuitton-2016-Fall-Winte-Runway22 Louis-Vuitton-2016-Fall-Winte-Runway31 7eaa1520e9341734efec2bec58e8f77e Louis+Vuitton+Fall+2016+K2fqzeyiCFXx

Valentino showed off some new proportions this year by attaching a thick strap to their tiny bags, making them cross body and sitting right on the chest.

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One of the biggest trends in footwear right now for fall is the “granny” sock.

Givenchy showed the sock trend at a length just below the knee paired with patterned high heels and  prints.

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Alessandro Dell’ Acqua showed the granny sock as well at his show, but at a calf length paired with a platform sandal which gave off a mod look.

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Neck ties

The neck is most definitely getting the most attention for fall this year. As you can see from the images below, adding something around the neck makes every outfit a tad more interesting.

Dries Van Noten created his own version of the neck tie by adding an 80s touch to it pairing a blazer on top, and for chokers, there was a unique addition of feathers added to the mix.

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Chloe went along better than anyone else as far as the neck scarf trend goes for fall 2016. All of the models at her show were wearing neck scarfs that were tied tightly around the neck that took everyone back to the 1970s.

KIM_1221 KIM_1161 KIM_1111 KIM_1011 KIM_0941 KIM_0793 KIM_0821 KIM_0913


Eccentric sunglasses

You can never go wrong with the right pair of sunglasses. That’s why for fall, the designers decided to spice things up a bit by turning something as simple as the sunglasses into a fun staple in everyone’s wardrobe this fall.

Chanel added this over sized sunglass to the show in Paris, that gave all of the looks an edge, which clashed well with the designers signature classy and timeless aesthetic.

Chanel+Runway+Paris+Fashion+Week+Womenswear+OdZkTJb3wpll Chanel+Runway+Paris+Fashion+Week+Womenswear+P58rmECJ6uMl f4e861a1c1d4275917dfc1ba8e1a2fa4 Chanel-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway47 chanel_paris_fashion_week_spring_summer_2016_07_1b18er5-1b18erf Chanel-SS16-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-Spring-2016-2 Chanel-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway17 47a702ca55b63f4b5d8bc33f72ddd981

Christian Dior also added some playful sunglasses to his show for fall 2016. They feature small round lenses that have almost a metallic shine to them and give off major futuristic vibes.

Dior-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway20 hbz-pfw-2016-dior-33-800x1200 Christian-Dior-Fall-2016-RTW-1-400x600 Dior-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway42 Dior-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway28 Dior-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway31 Dior-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway33 ChristianDiorRunwayParisFashionWeekWomenswearWHgctIbWxTDl