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Style muse: Crissy

BY SUSANNA GALANIS This muse’s name is Crissy but, you can call her Mscrisssy. She is a fashion and life style blogger from San Francisco and a collaborator/influencer with my jewelry brand since the fall of 2014. Aside from blogging,  Crissy is also a Creative Director at Flawless Victory Productions, a San Francisco  based multimedia company, providing clients with high quality photo and video services. Lets all support this beautiful girl.


How do I love her attitude, her positive, radiant, contagious energy, her crisp, clean, minimal and fun approach to styling! And I am not the only one. My fans and clients all seem to share my feelings as well by always responding favorably to “anything Crissy” with likes, comments and adoration…they absolutely love her!
Take a look below to find out why. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Need I say  more?  Yes, I do! Thank you for your wonderful style and support Crissy!!!  It is such a great pleasure working with you!
Love and best wishes always,
Note: Please follow Crissy at:
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