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SG Muse: Grey Layers


Jeanne Grey is one of our stunning  collaborating partners, a favorite  blogger, a style consultant and above all a muse.  A little bit on the clean, minimalistic side, with a fresh yet sophisticated  sex appeal, she mixes chic style with classic trends on her fashion blog Grey Layers.  Clearly, Jeanne’s effortless elegance  always makes a statement and she is definitely one to watch.

Featured are our statement jewelry pieces from the Apollo and Daphne in green gold finish,  and SG Classic collections in white gold agate —  one of our  best selling statement necklaces. Grey Layers captures the Grecian style and brings it to life with her own modern twist. Cuffs, chains, and leaf details catch the interest of the viewer in a very voguish way.

SG’s pieces are beautifully styled to create an editorial modern take on a gorgeous Greek goddess…of Asian descend.
Model: Jeanne Grey
Photographer: Denisse Benitez
Note: For more information on the SG Apollo and Daphne Collection contact us at





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