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SG Muse: Fit, fun, fabulous…



From her  Retro Jumpsuit to Light and Lace, to Sex and the City … to Weekend Wear featuring her sister…hmmm…her 12 year old daughter, this fit, fun and fabulous LA mom  and blogger does not cease to amaze and inspire us with her fresh yet simple approach to great effortless style.  And did I mention that she is an MBA and works full time in corporate America? How does she do it? Needless to say, I am a huge fan.  You can check her out here:

Our collaboration with Jane started earlier this Spring and it was  “love at first sight.”  We absolutely  love her and she loves us. The feelings and adoration are mutual. She has quickly elevated herself to “our favorites” list and she is inspiring us all…especially myself.  She is definitely a muse.

Here is the fun fit and fab mom:


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