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SG Muse: Elle May Leckenby


In today’s fast and fabulous fashion wold where “the world is not enough” and with the swap of a smart phone you can connect with anyone…anywhere, connecting  with the beautiful Australian blogger and style icon/influencer Elle May Leckenby was fast and easy…and it was a pleasure.

Elle May, through our collaboration beginning fall 2014,  has quickly and effortlessly inserted her self into “my Favorite Muse” category. The way she is styling the jewelry pieces I create, is fun, fresh, elegant and very inspiring. Don’t you just want to copy her? Please do. I am sure she will be very flattered. All you need is an exotic Australian beach as the background ( or a beautiful scene),  Susanna Galanis statement jewelry, a light breeze and some light layers…WOW! you got it! Have fun!!


For Elle’s styling ideas please take a look below:

Note: to follow Elle May please visit:


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