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Secret Obsession


Inspired by the glamour of ancient Greece. Perfect for the contemporary Goddess.

Amethyst semi precious healing stone (for more details please see below) and vintage brass chains links and cross.

Hand crafted in beautiful NYC 

Limited in production

Necklace can be produced in other stones and medallions  by special order at:

Length: 22″ Center front length: 15″

In stock

Product Description

What is the meaning of Amethyst?

The Amethyst meaning is spiritual growth and protection. These beautiful healing crystals are also known for bringing clarity of the mind to the owner.

By wearing or using Amethyst crystals, you can become more in tune with your own feelings and get to know your inner self on a much deeper level. It is a gemstone which can bring you calmness, inner peace and is thought to highten your natural intuition.

Amethysts are known for their ability to reduce addictive traits. The name amethyst is derived from the ancient Greek word “amethustos”, which translates to “not drunk”.  Goblets made of amethyst or in the colour purple were used to hinder inebriation. Today, amethysts are used in alternative healing practices for reducing addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping and a number of other afflictions.

Amethyst Protection Stone

The meaning of amethyst is also of protection. The Amethyst energy stones repel negative energy and attract positive energy. They can also protect the wearer against themselves, when addiction is concerned. It is a gemstone of spiritual protection that will help guide the wearer on their divine spiritual path. Amethyst is used to provide protection when working with ouija boards and for those who are regularly in contact with the spirit world.

Amethyst Healing Powers

Amethyst healing properties can relieve pain and swelling throughout the body by calming the nervous system. Amethyst is well known for having a positive affect against insomnia and nightmares. By placing an amethyst crystal under your bed, you can dispel nightmares and encourage lucid dreaming. Many people use Amethyst in meditation to allow relief of stress and anxiety.

Amethyst Birth Stone

What birthstone is amethyst? Amethyst is the birth stone for February. The Amethyst birthstone healing is also of spiritual growth and protection. If you were born in February, the amethyst powers for healing will vibrate more strongly for you. This is especially true as you hold an amethyst in your hand or wear a piece of amethyst jewellery against your skin.

Amethyst Zodiac Sign

Pisces and the amethyst stone properties have a long history of association. In recent times  amethyst and Aquarius equally are believed to have a strong affiliation. This is due to February being the birthstone month for amethyst.

For those who are not born under Pisces or during February, you will still gain benefits from the properties of amethyst crystals. Even though amethyst crystal clusters will reverberate more strongly with those who fall under this zodiac sign, the benefits can be felt by anybody.
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