Irridescent Infatuation

SGSG Daphne

Irridescent Infatuation


Inspired by glamour of ancient Greece.

2- piece set:  

First, Irridescent, beautiful gem neckace with a myriad of shimering colors and one of the most valued and sought after of freshwater pearls, the  peacock pearl. Dark grey-green body of color with a pink, purple and golden overtone floats on the surface of the gem as the light catches it (see more info below).

Vintage charms with sea creatures motifs.

Lenth:  18″

Second,  Green gold vintage multi layered brass chains plated in Green gold.  A very contemporary way to wear classic chains.  Lenth:  22″

Both pieces are very limited in production, and are hand crafted in beautiful  NYC. 

Can be sold separeately – please inquire by e-mai:

In stock

Product Description

Peacock pearls

Peacock pearls are part of the Tahitian pearl family. These lustrous, multi-hued pearls are only produced by black-lipped oysters. The designation of “peacock” covers a wide range of Tahitian pearl shades. A typical Tahitian pearl has a dark gray to coal-black body tone and a variety of iridescent overtones. Peacock pearls feature luminous overtones of navy blue, forest green and deep plum. These tones shift as the pearl is viewed from different angles, giving them complexity and depth. The body tone is usually tinged with dark green as well. Some freshwater pearls are dyed to mimic Tahitian pearls, but few dying processes can capture the tones of a peacock pearl, making fakes easy to detect.

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