Goddess Crystal Tear Drop


Goddess Crystal Tear Drop

Inspired by the dark myth of Persephone – ancient Greek Goddess of the underworld

Multi-layered vintage brass chain featuring thin hanging chains with signature goddess pendant

Vintage teardrop smoky chandelier crystal

Handcrafted in NYC

Limited in production

For customizations, please email info@susannagalanis.com

Length: chain 30″ – center front link and crystal: 5″


Product Description

PERSEPHONE – Goddess of the underworld

The tale of Hades and Persephone is often regarded as a dark story of the God of the Underworld holding a child hostage while stealing her innocence. Although Persephone’s hatred towards Hades and his actions were persistent in the beginning, as time passed she began to find his darkness irresistible. The inhabitants of the underworld even began to accept and praise her majesty as the Queen of the Underworld. Her loss of innocence in the Greek myth symbolizes that sometimes in life, we must endure the darkness in order to see the light. The dark times are when we test our limits and learn the most about our inner sins. The Persephone collection embodies the pain, sorrow, and remorse we sometimes feel. But it is those emotions that fuel the fire that allows us the strength to rebirth into a woman who is wiser and stronger, with a luring seductive darkness that is captivated in her style.