Queen of the North Cross Ring

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Queen of the North Cross Ring



Vintage cross cameo plated in 14K Matte Blonde Gold

Made in NYC

Limited in availibility

In stock

Product Description

Americana Blonde is a premiere design collaboration with NY blogger and style icon, Rachel Lynch, or better known as, “I Hate Blonde”. It captures the glamorous New York City lifestyle everyone is yearning to have. This collection resembles the elegance that Manhattan woman possesses, while flashing her iconic underground western rocker flare. She is not from the concrete jungle; she has traveled the world; she has now planted her feet down in the city of dreams known as New York City. She is the woman that every man dreams of swooning, and she is the woman that every woman envies to be, she is Americana Blonde.

“Running down Eighth Avenue like a movie scene, she was all rock n roll. In the wild west of Manhattan, she was living like Jim Morrison. She wore long gold chains and crystals on her fingers. Daughter of a rock legend, she aced New York at a young age.”
-Rachel Lynch

“She is not ancient, she is a modern day goddess and she is busy multitasking in the midst of writing her own history. She belongs in another era, another world, another civilization: The United States of America. She is an original. She is a trend-setter and her life is full of fun and beauty. She lives in a white skyscraper, loves NYC, fashion and rock&roll. Women all over the world want to be her. Welcome to the Age of Americana Blonde!”
-Susanna Galanis

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