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Paris Fashion week fall 2016 Highlights/favorites

BY AMANDA CLEMSONAnd what better way to end fashion week than in the fashion capital itself? This seasons shows in Paris exceeded the high expectations. Despite political turmoil still lingering throughout the city, this past week everyone was able to immerse themselves in all of the fashion festivities that took place. I have selected a few of my favorite collections and would love to share!


Let’s talk Stella McCartney. This collection is praise worthy for its ever so functional outfits that could be the perfect balance from day wear to night wear. The collection featured tie-dyed denim, culottes, long silhouettes, and ample dresses. McCartney did take part in the velvet trend we have been seeing from show to show this whole season, but she put her own twist to it, making the velvet a copper which ended up making a huge impression on everyone. The point that Stella wanted to make with this collection is to show how most women live in todays world through her designs. The show was glamorous of course, but it had this kind of tomboy edge to it, making the styles look more relatable for women on the go. I think that especially for the present time, McCartney perfectly illustrated the everyday woman and it was one of her strongest collections yet.

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Being the power house that it is, Miu Miu presented an outstanding collection. Walking down the runway, all of the models looked sophisticated as well as administering this vigorous enthusiasm. Miu Miu certainly wanted to show everyone how they can do denim, and it was for sure the main focus of this collection. The denim jackets ranged from short to floor lengths, with patchwork, big pockets, and furs incorporated into them. There were also denim flared jeans, and denim ankle skirts that fluctuated from light to dark washes. All of these designs were extremely clean cut and had a strong structure to them. The military coats that arose mid-way through the show were paired with belts that accentuated the waist and shoulders. Vintage styled florals made way onto belts and maxi skirts, paired with wide lace collars. As far as accessories go there were a lot of pearls and bows featured on the runway that added even more of a vintage touch to the collection.

Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway05 Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway37 Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway48 Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway25 Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway50 Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway45 Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway46 Miu-Miu-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway09

Lanvin was highly anticipated at this seasons shows in Paris. The collection for fall 2016 had everyone wishing they were back in the 80s. All of the looks were very feminine and elegant. It featured soft colors and lose fitting silhouettes. The nostalgia back to the 80s started with one sleeve dresses that featured puffy shoulders, detailed laces, metallic fabrics, and peplum skirts paired with tuxedo styled blazers. For accessories, Lanvin decided to go with jeweled chokers ranging from thick silver to thin gold that pulled all of the looks together.

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I would have to say that out of all the shows in Paris this past week Balmain goes to the top of my list. His precise and flashy detailing have always made the brand  very well-known in the fashion industry. Oliver Rousteing sent a message through his designs this season, being that a woman’s curves should never be hidden. His collections were nothing short of perfection. It featured his signature pearl embellishments, tassels, beaded embroidery, mesh, and of course some velvet knee high boots. The color wheel ranged from bright silver, pastel pink, dusty blue, and classic ivory. Every model that was walking down the runway flaunted their curves that were accentuated by a chunky belt on the waist that was inspired by Kim Kardashian, who is Oliver’s muse.

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And that wraps up Fashion season for fall 2016. Keep an eye out for more blog posts coming soon! xx Amanda