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Persephone Goddess of Hades

Persephone – Goddess of Hades


Contribution by Christine Sun

Hades and Persephone – my inspiration for creating the Persephone Goddess of Hades collection for Fall ’15.






The story of Hades and Persephone is most often regarded as a battle of love and abduction, but what people tend to
look past is the light within all the darkness or the polarity of our existence, the light and the dark side of everything in our universe. One cannot exist without the other. After all, how can we enjoy the light if there is no darkness?


Persephone is the beautiful and innocent virgin daughter of Zeus and Demeter-The Goddess of Nature. According to the myths and the legends, Hades-The God of the Underworld-fell in love with Persephone and sought to claim her to be his wife. As the myth goes,  one day while she was playing in the field, Hades swooped down and literally and figuratively deflowered her, leaving the field scattered with blossoms of every color. Demeter was furious and disapproved of the marriage, so she destroyed lands, crops, and livestock on Earth. She threatened to make Earth barren forever and thus destroyed mankind by forbidding trees to bear fruit and earth the ability to nurture vegetables and herbs. Demeter projected her anger, fear, and hate on to the human of the Earth, and slowly started to kill off the human race. The loving mother refused to return back to Mount Olympus without her only daughter. This fear and hatred thus brought winter upon Earth.



The renewal of Spring was ignited when Persephone was finally rescued. Throughout this dark period in the underworld with Hades, Persephone had not eaten a single thing. Upon her departure, Hades had offered her a single pomegranate seed. Since Hades had complied to allowing her to return home, she accepted the fruit as a peace offering. Little did she know that this act of kindness was indeed a trick, as anyone who consumes the food of Hades must remain in the underworld. Due to this deception, Rhea, who was Zeus’, Demeters’ and Hades’ mother, suggested Persephone spend 6 months with Demeter on earth and 6 months with Hades as the Queen of the Underworld, thus, creating the change of the seasons on Earth. In the fall and winter, the seeds (which symbolizes Persephone), are buried into the ground, but in the spring, Persephone and the earth’s crops come out into the bloom.



Goddess of Hades v Goddess of Light

The tale of Hades and Persephone is often regarded as a dark story of the God of the Underworld holding a  young maiden hostage while stealing her innocence. Although Persephone’s hatred towards Hades and his actions were persistent in the beginning, as time passed she began to find his darkness irresistible. The inhabitants of the underworld even began to accept and praise her majesty as the Queen of the Underworld. Her loss of innocence in the Greek myth symbolizes that sometimes in life, we must endure the darkness in order to see the light. The dark times are when we test our limits and learn the most about our inner sins.


The Persephone  Goddess of Hades Fall ’15 collection embodies the pain, sorrow, and remorse we sometimes feel. But it is those emotions that fuel the fire that allows us the strength to rebirth into more empowered women who becomes wiser and stronger, with a luring seductive darkness that is captivated in her style.

I hope you will enjoy and wear my new collection full of dark glamour and mystique…xoxoSusanna


Contribution by Christine Sun

Model: Blogger Rachel Lynch