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Top shows from Milan fashion week fall/winter 2016

BY AMANDA CLEMSON Milan Fashion week will always be something essential for us fashonistas, mainly because you just never know what to expect. This season in Milan new trends were arising for the autumn and winter of 2016 all over the place. Over all textures were at the center of everyone’s attention on the runway. Here are a few of my favorites that immediately caught my attention.

First up on my list for Milan fashion week, Giorgio Armani of course. Armani made an exciting disclosure on the catwalk which stated his signature keep it simple style. He has always had a minimalistic approach to the way he makes his designs and that has always been a consistent part of the brand. At this years show Armani showed that he can keep his less-is-more motto but also make his collection look like something out of the ordinary, that makes the women wearing it feel like an individual. Every model strutting down the runway looked classy, elegant, comfortable, and confident in the designs. The looks included a lot of suede styled jackets, ranging from short to long lengths. There also was a pop of floral introduced half way into the show to add some color to the dark palate.  The big unveil was Armani’s new velvet trousers. Whether they were wide, narrow, or cuffed at the ankle, everyone will have these on the top of their list for fall shopping in 2016.

Giorgio-Armani-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway07 Giorgio-Armani-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway02 Giorgio-Armani-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway23Giorgio-Armani-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway29 Giorgio-Armani-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway11 Giorgio-Armani-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway33

Next up is Prada. To be a woman of Prada means to be glamorous, chic, and dramatic all at the same time. And lets be real here, who wouldn’t want to be a Prada woman? At this years show in Milan Prada did nothing but deliver a perfect performance of art. For me , I was taken back to another time period of the 1940s. The collection included gold embellishments, thick printed socks, rich velvets, lots of fur jackets, and colorful scenic textiles that gave the show a pop of interesting color. For accessories Prada paired sailor hats with lace up boots and cross body bags, as well as gloves coming up the elbow.  Something that stood out to me the most is how Prada was able to use corsets on the models, which ended up creating this kind of style that can be compared to Diors “new look” but incorporated their own masculine twist by adding jackets over top to lessen the bell-shape.

Prada-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway02 Prada-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway44 Prada-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway09

Prada-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway30 Prada-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway47 Prada-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway08

Something newer to my list of favorite designers is Missoni. This year in Milan, Angela brought something completely different to the runway. Her collection for this year’s fall/winter season consisted of lots and lots of knits. The looks were more casual and out of the box than other designers that had shown in Milan and that definitely paid off in her favor. Missoni made it looks so chic and yet so effortless at the same time, I don’t think I could get enough. The looks featured knits consisting of scarfs and sweaters that were an oversized fit, as well as asymmetrical prints that played with colors, flowy maxi dresses paired with sneakers, touches of fringe, and glossy shoes paired with socks. Overall I really admired the playfulness of this collection and I think that Missoni had a lot of fun making It come to life.

Missoni-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway20 Missoni-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway02 Missoni-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway13 Missoni-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway15 Missoni-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway08 Missoni-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway17

Last but certainly not least on my list is Fendi. Looking at the collection walk down the runway the first word that comes to mind is “spunk”. This collection had so much going on but in a way that wasn’t over whelming. Colorful furs grabbed everyone’s attention while being paired with knee or mid length boots with ruffles on the bottoms and tops. The sleeves were enlarged on dresses with floral details and metallic material. The colors of the show seemed to be shades of blue and orange as well as a decent amount of pleats and of course, the popular velvet trend that we’ve seen throughout this year’s season in Milan.

Fendi-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway43 Fendi-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway33 Fendi-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway39 Fendi-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway05 Fendi-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway15 Fendi-2016-Fall-Winter-Runway01

And that’ all for Milan fashion week! Stay tuned for Paris to end fashion month off right! xxAmanda