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Manus x Machina Meets Susana Galanis

BY YAILYA MARTINEZ There I was at the age of 13, feeling like a little girl at a doll house as I gradually walked through The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion in the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Prior to this, I was obsessed with reading my favorite fashion magazines and ripping catalogues apart; putting cute outfits together. Yet I never had a real taste of the history and the impact of this “global billion dollar industry”, as Anna Wintour once stated, until this very moment. I remember simply being in awe looking at the photographs of iconic models such as Twiggy, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss in haute couture and ready to wear masterpieces. Seven years later, I am now a 20 year-old college senior working as a PR Intern for Susanna Galanis, a luxury jewelry designer in New York. Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology is the theme for The Costume Institute’s Spring 2016 exhibition. Once again, I have the privilege of seeing The Met’s most innovative exhibition to date. However, this time I am on my very first assignment to pair Susanna’s jewelry designs with the haute couture garments exhibited at the museum.


No. 1 This House of Dior “May Dress” is one of the first dresses I laid eyes on at the exhibition. I immediately fell in love with the artificial flowers and flowy silhouette. The Daphne Collection by Susanna Galanis accessorizes the neckline with layers of a choker and Susanna’s signature Y necklace, while sticking to the gold green theme.



No. 2 Lupita Nyong’o, is the first thing that popped in my head when I saw this Halston beauty. The Secret Obsession necklace from Susanna Glananis’ SGClassic collection is the perfect accessory for this beauty since it features similar color schemes.


SGClassic collage

No. 3  What’s better than than a lace dress… DIMENSIONAL LACES !!! One of my most favorite pieces from this exhibition is this ensemble designed by Iris van Herpen. I am fascinated with the 3-D printing that was used in creating this masterpiece.  I would style it with Susanna’s signature layering featuring statement pieces from her SGClassic collection.


Earring collage

No. 4 Oh hail the Fashion Goddesses ! Susanna is known for her incorporation of her Greek culture into her designs. Although this MIYAKE ensemble is Japanese inspired, I can picture the Goddess of Fashion wearing this dress with a pair of asymmetrical earrings from Susanna Galanis’ Daphne collection. Sidenote: Asymmetrical earrings are currently trending yet Susanna designed these earrings approximately three years ago. Don’t we just love a designer whose ahead of her time.


BW dress with 1 dress

No. 5  How lovely is this hand pleated House of Dior ensemble… Styled with a black pearled choker from Susanna’s Persephone collection makes this the ultimate Blair Waldorf outfit !


Fortuny collage

No. 6 I was absolutely blown away by this Mariano Fortuny “Evening Dress”. His classical Greek influence is so noticeable and perfectly articulated in this creation. Susanna Galanis’ SGClassic arm cuffs are a perfect stylistic match.


Manus x Machina is definitely a must see for those who haven’t yet experienced this breathtaking exhibition. For those who have, a second or third look won’t disappoint you. It sure did not disappoint me. We shall meet again next year, the first Monday in May.

Goodbye till then dazzling goddesses !