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The Granny Chic Formula


We’re all familiar with fashion’s love affair with recycling top trends and how it makes cleaning out our closets into quite the soap opera. There are some trends and items in our wardrobe that we know we must say goodbye to, but then there are others that we’d rather keep “just in case.” This was probably what our grandparents were thinking when they decided to save and pass along some of their favorite clothes and accessories to us. And now we can not thank them enough!

A trend that has made its way back onto the scene highlights some forgotten but once dearly loved trends. The ‘Granny Chic’ trend is probably the best thing that has ever happened to the fashionistas out there who have been waiting to break out their heirloom pearls or vintage peacoat.





Back in February 2015, Gucci’s new creative director, Alessandro Michele, was clearly inspired by the once popular looks of the past. His first collection with Gucci was nostalgic and showcased the best trends of an earlier generation. Fast forward to Gucci’s newest collections, and the use of this trend is stronger and more refined than ever. Not only are we getting a throwback of older trends, but we’re getting a chance to see stored-away gems turned into unforgettable and polished looks — the perfect formula.

Want to rock this trend?
Amp up your closet by adding a few vintage inspired pieces. Take a cue from Alessandro and embrace maximalism — don’t shy away from floral, laced, or textured fabrics!  Below are some amazing looks from some of Gucci’s recent shows. As you can see the use of Alessandro’s formula transitions effortlessly season to season with mixed prints, vintage inspired accessories, and a nostalgic color palette.



Check out some lovely looks from Oscar De La Renta and Monique Lhuillier below! I’m seriously obsessed with the fur details and midi skirts! These designers are showing us the perfect way to transition into fall all while staying Granny Chic!

oscar monique

Now, my favorite part of this trend is of course the jewelry!  It’s clear that vintage-inspired statement accessories and jewelry are back in a big way.  For some inspiration, check out some of Susanna Galanis’s most notable vintage pieces that match the ‘Granny Chic’ trend spot on.



Before you go out in head-to-toe vintage think about the advice vintage lover and stylist, Rachel Zoe, gave to PopSugar readers, “The number one rule I want you to remember is to mix your vintage finds with contemporary picks…This kind of approach will keep you looking balanced, updated, and inspiring vs. old-fashioned!” 

Thanks so much reading! Hopefully this post has inspired you to go to your nearest vintage store and pick up some Granny Chic pieces! My personal favorites are Collette Consignment, Roundabout Couture & Resale, Eleven Consignment Boutique and Luxury Garage Sale! Let me know in the comments what you think of this trend! – Kelly R.