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Lunch Time!


Ugh, Tuesdays. Right? Well, not when your boss is Susanna Galanis. Our usual routine of meeting in the office with our laptops in front of our faces was replaced by strutting around Central Park with Susanna’s beautiful, ancient Greek inspired jewelry.

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and tourists were mesmerized by the beauty NYC has to offer. The three of us began our pleasantly unusual day with wearing chokers. Who can complain, right? Mia and I were decorated with a statement choker followed by Mia wearing a stunning layered necklace for our second look.Pic Jointer Pic Jointer-2Central park. What can we say about Central Park besides that it is a beautiful, fun and an amazingly big park. Central park was the first landscaped public park in New York City and was first conceived as a getaway for Manhattan residents and it still is. The Park starts at 59th street all the way up to 110th street. With 42 million visitors each year to its 843 acres, Central Park is the most frequently visited park in the United States. Central Park covers almost 3,5 square miles and is almost six times bigger than Monaco.

Central park has a beautiful nature as well as art, so if that is something you want to experience then I recommend you to go hang out in Central Park. Another thing to do in Central Park is to go check out the concerts that are happening during the summer. If you want to see animals just enter the park and you will hopefully see squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and opossums and many birds that are living in the park. Central Park also has a zoo if you feel like seeing more exotic animals. Central Park has been featured in the filming of over 200 movies.

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As we made our way through the west end of Central Park, we transitioned into a classic pearl necklace which paired beautifully with the cherry blossom trees that surrounded us.


Pic Jointer-3The laughs were continued as we settled in for lunch at The Loeb Boathouse, also located in Central Park. It felt like our day was an episode of Sex and the City. The view from this restaurant was unreal. True to its name- rowboats drift about the adjacent lake as they have for over a century.

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I was very grateful I wore my elastic- waist skirt that day, for if I had buttons they would have popped after the meals devoured. Just when we were subtly transitioning into food- coma phase, the waiter approached our table with a mouthwatering, chocolate lava cake. The cake was placed in front of Mia and I as we both blew out the candle to celebrate Mia’s belated birthday and my upcoming birthday.
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We were reluctant for our ‘work day’ to end but nonetheless, we promised each other to continue to have more adventures with each other. As Mia and I made our way to the N Train, we felt content and satisfied having soaked up some Vitamin D. Stay tuned for more adventures to come! Xoxo.