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Valentino’s show consisted of nude and sheer dresses that were glamorous. Nude never looked this good.

_VAL0655_1280x1920 _VAL0705_1280x1920 _VAL1213_1280x1920 _VAL0427_1280x1920 _VAL0419_1280x1920 _VAL1143_1280x1920 _VAL1157_1280x1920 _VAL0381_1280x1920

Karl Never disappoints us with his *timeless* creations. Chanel’s Fall 2016 collection looks as though it was inspired by the 1940s with the hats, gloves, pearls, and the bright colored dresses. Love!

_CHA0093_1280x1920 _CHA0263_1280x1920 _CHA0325_1280x1920 _CHA0381_1280x1920 _CHA0439_1280x1920 _CHA0633_1280x1920 _CHA0557_1280x1920 _CHA0793_1280x1920

The Saint Laurent collection had everything from deep-v’s and padded shoulders, to colorful fur coats and fluffy neck pieces. Encore, please?!

KIM_1456_1280x1920 KIM_1483_1280x1920 KIM_1437_1280x1920 KIM_1885_1280x1920 KIM_1608_1280x1920 KIM_1511_1280x1920 KIM_1589_1280x1920 KIM_2456_1280x1920

Dior gave us just what we expected and more. Clean, elegant, and beautiful. My favorite part about this show, you ask? The black lipstick worn by the models, of course!

_DIO0231 _DIO1049 _DIO0335 _DIO0601 _DIO0585 _DIO0803 _DIO0359 _DIO0637

The Givenchy show was far from the usual. As stated by vogue, “Tisci tapped everything from the world of pop and psychedelic music to Egyptian culture.” That’s for sure!

_MON0009_1280x1920 _MON0239_1280x1920 _MON0977_1280x1920 _MON0945_1280x1920 _MON0121_1280x1920 _MON0837_1280x1920 _MON0903_1280x1920 _MON0147_1280x1920

And now for my favorite collection… *drum roll, please*… BALMAIN. Olivier Rousteing’s keen eye for detail really showed in this amazing collection. P.S. Can you spot Kendall?

_MON1125_1 _MON1071_1 _MON1149_1 _MON0963_1 _MON0617_1 _MON1003_1 _MON1239_1 _MON1215_1


And there you have it, folks! The looks of Fall 2016 from New York, to London, to Paris, to Milan.

Thank you, Fashion Week! Until we meet again.