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Milan Fashion Week began with a great start- and it only got better! Salvatore Ferragamo showed off his fun collection of stripes and patterns, along with the colorful pinstripe runway!

KIM_1186_1280x1920 KIM_1117_1280x1920 Salvatore Ferragamo KIM_1063_1280x1920 KIM_1448_1280x1920 KIM_1978_1280x1920 KIM_1800_1280x1920 KIM_1734_1280x1920

Dolce & Gabbana’s show was like love at first sight- no really, how amazing are these flower-inspired coats?!

_DOL1011_1280x1920 _DOL1281_1280x1920 DOLCE _DOL0119_1280x1920 _DOL0407_1280x1920 _DOL0135_1280x1920 _DOL0217_1280x1920 _DOL0671_1280x1920

These shirt dresses designed by Marni are everything. The large sequin embellishment is so unique and creative!

Marni KIM_0614_1280x1920 KIM_0634_1280x1920 KIM_0796_1280x1920 KIM_0856_1280x1920 KIM_0752_1280x1920 KIM_0720_1280x1920 KIM_0676_1280x1920

I spy… Kendall! The super model flaunted the Fendi collection and rocked the fur. The color scheme in this collection is so eye-catching and I love the touch of blue!

_FEN0039_1 _FEN0299_1280x1920 _FEN0227_1280x1920 _FEN0259_1280x1920 _FEN0143_1280x1920 _FEN0675_1280x1920 _FEN0929_1280x1920 _FEN0057_1280x1920

Max Mara sparked our eyes with these flashy gold looks! The rompers and shorts paired with the long coats add a classy, yet flirty feel.

_DSC0473 maxmara _DSC0689 _DSC0039 _DSC0095 _DSC0081 _DSC0159 _DSC0509

Get ready to get lost in Missoni’s collection. These wild and crazy patterns are so captivating- just don’t stare too long!

_MIS0217_1280x1920 _MIS0051_1280x1920 _MIS0039_1280x1920 _MIS0097_1280x1920 _MIS0179_1280x1920 _MIS0117_1280x1920 _MIS0159_1280x1920 _MIS0075_1280x1920

I think I found a new obsession: Blazé Milanos Fall 2016 collection! How is it possible to look classy, elegant, conservative, and risqué all at once?

LOOK_1 LOOK_9 LOOK_4 LOOK_8 BlazeMilano LOOK_18 LOOK_12 LOOK_6

Grazie, Milan! Stick around for my next blog where I’ll take you to our last and final stop: PARIS. Ciao! xx