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Fall 2014 Trends: Part I


Want to be the best-dressed this fall? Then I suggest you keep reading.

“Fall 2014 Trends” will be a series on SG Classical Education comprised of three parts (part I, part II, and part III). In this series I will bring to you everything you need to know about the fashion trends for this upcoming fall season. So grab yourself a latte, sit back, and get ready for the fall season. Also, don’t forget to check back for the next post in this series. My mission is to bring out the fashionista in everyone, hope you enjoy!



Trend Alert: Statement Earring

Some say “two is better than one” but a fall 2014 trend donning only one earring proves otherwise.

The world’s biggest fashion brands, including Celine and Louis Vuitton, sent their models down the fall 2014 runways wearing only one earring. Upon first glance at this new trend it appears as if the second to a pair of earrings was lost. That is not the case – this single statement earring was made to stand alone.

Designer Phoebe Philo, the creative mind behind Celine, paired her fall 2014 collection of long coats and dark hues with a statement earring.













Trend Alert: Statement Ring

Also seen on the fall 2014 runways all by itself was the statement ring.

In previous seasons, rings were worn a dozen at a time and made to stack together. Though, just as a pair of earrings has been narrowed down to one, so have the rings. Designers like Proenza Schouler and Fendi adorned their models hands with only one statement ring.

Proenza Schouler featured cobalt blue and jade colored stones in their statement rings.













Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Fendi, set his rings with metallic stones that sparkled under the runway lights.













As seen in the designs of these top brands, the statement ring is made to adorn multiple digits at a time. This design makes getting dressed a little easier – simply throw on your ring and you’ll be sure to make a statement.


Trend Alert: Fur

Many of us coincide fashion with pain – squeezing yourself into that size 0 dress when you’re really a size 4 or tolerating a gorgeous pair of heels despite the scars and blisters. Though for all of you that put comfort before appearance – well, you’re in luck! Accompanying the statement jewels down the fall 2014 runways were a series of luxurious, and quite cozy looking, furs.

Clare Waight Keller, who designs for Chloe, made a statement to Vogue about her fall 2014 collection, “The Chloe girl’s a bit more mysterious, wilder this season, she’s letting her sensual side come out.” I do not know anything more mysterious, wild, and sensual (all at the same time) than a rich knee-length fur coat.













Referred to as “glam-pop fur” by, Versace’s fall 2014 collection of vibrantly colored and beautifully structured fur coats is just that – glamorous.












Wrap yourself in one of these fur pieces and winter’s freezing temperatures may become a bit more tolerable.


Trend Alert: Ornamentation

I am aware that I have used the word “statement” excessively throughout this post, and I apologize in advance that this next fall trend is no exception.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “ornamentation”? For me it’s the holiday season – extravagant decorations and all things that sparkle. As seen on the Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana fall 2014 runways, the word “extravagant” was not taken lightly.

Hedi Slimane, the creative director behind Saint Laurent, made the Saint Laurent runway sparkle – literally. called it, “casual extravagance”, with a blend of soft patterns and glittery accessories the fall 2014 Saint Laurent collection was exactly that – casual and extravagant.

_ARC0467.450x675 _ARC0214.450x675 _ARC0116.450x675












Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the duo that creates Dolce & Gabbana, based their fall 2014 runway show on a fairy tale. Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum” played in the background as Dolce & Gabbana showed off their impeccable attention to detail through jewel embellishments and intricate embroidery.

_ARC0047.450x675 _ARC0037.450x675












Nothing says, “I’m ready for the holiday season” like a lot (and I mean a lot) of glitter and sparkle.


Trend Alert: Floral Neckline

The final fall trend I’ll be talking about in this post may seem a little far off from the few I previously mentioned, but a closer look places it right in line with the rest. That is, the floral neckline. Flowers are usually associated with the spring and summer time but brands like Givenchy and Oscar de la Renta made them a year-round trend.

Givenchy’s Roccardo Tiscki, the man known for creating the designer sweatshirt, took his designs in a more sophisticated direction for the fall 2014 season. Tisci paired his luxurious cuts and fabrics with embellished, floral-like chokers. Givenchy’s style closely mimicked the whimsicality of Dolce & Gabbana’s fall line.

BY8P0948.450x675 BY8P0902.450x675












Famed designer Oscar de la Renta accompanied his classic fall designs with necklaces in the shape of delicate flowers.











A floral neckline will draw the eye upward, subsequently making your own face the statement piece – now who wouldn’t want that?


Shop Susanna Galanis

Chances are, if you are reading this post, you want to appear on-trend this upcoming season. Fall will be here before you know it and in preparation I suggest you purchase these statement pieces by Susanna Galanis. They are gorgeous, timeless, and most importantly – right on trend. You will definitely catch me wearing these pieces, even in the summer season.

2014-06-11 Statement earringsStatement earrings 010-001






























Here is the latest “Age of Gods” collection by Susanna Galanis for fall 2014.
















Fashionably yours,