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Country, western, classic rock and loving it! Jay Godfrey S’15

Electric West:

Tea stained ivory lace in a dress and a puncho paired with green and white gold signature jewelry pieces designed to Cannon’s (Jay Godfrey’s stylist) specifications, the coolest swede fringe jacket shown with a long diamond shaped chunky white gold necklace, stretch denim, embelished fabrics, the most magnifiscent emerald fringe dress with matching fringe bangles in green gold from my upcoming S’15 collection,  Cropped tuxedo jackets, bibbed shirts, my favorite black lace, beautiful models with glamorous hair and make up, and the two most adorable little beauties Allegra and Bardot ( Mr. Godfrey’s little girls)  were the highlights of Jay Godfrey’s Spring 2014 collection that was shown yesterday…in my humble opinion… What a great pleasure it was for me to create these pieces!  To see them paired with Mr. Godfrey’s creations was  a jewelry designer’s dream come true! Such a great pleasure…

Take a look…


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