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Goddess Couture – Paris ’14 collections

Fit for a Goddess. The creators of the Spring 2014  couture collections that were shown recently in Paris had Aphrodite, Nike, Daphne and all the goddesses, nymphs, graces and fairies from the world of my glamorours ancestors in mind. Back to the classics.  It’s history repeating for the modern day[...]


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Dolphins and their mystical importance

DOLPHINS AND THEIR MYSTICAL IMPORTANCE               …these references seem to point to a deeper association with the processes of life, death and rebirth, perhaps linked to the dolphin’s ability to pass between the air-breathing, living world of humans and the suffocating, terrifying world beneath the[...]


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New York Women’s RTW collections – Spring 2014 Part -I

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Spring 2014 – highlights Always looking for the Goddess, every single year, in every single collection, year after year. Do you blame me? After all, I am  “Inspired by the Gods.” The timeless “goddess look” has always been my inspiration for my jewelry designs,  and as far as[...]